Price comparison

Mexi Homes offers you the joy which a well constructed house can give you.

Houses built on steel structures have a number of advantages over the traditional houses.

Here are some benefits of these buildings:

  • The speed of construction, which is very fast due to the use of prefabricated materials. In approximately 3 months, depending on weather conditions and the difficulty of the project, is fully completed, compared to other traditional brick houses that could require 1 - 1.5 years;
  • Materials are manufactured by Mexi Homes, they are measured and cut accurately, so you get exactly what you want. Because of the extreme accuracy of construction the possible classical defects can be prevented, that is cracks will not appear on the walls.

* With Mexi Homes with average finishes you can save costs between 19 – 24 % instead of a brick house with average finishes; and with Mexi Homes with luxury finishes you can save between 26 – 31 % instead of Brick house with luxury finishes
* Interior area is 5-8% bigger in case of the Mexi Homes (you will get a bigger house)
* The prices in the table are actual calculations made after the execution of constructions
* The price of the one floor construction buildings are with 10% higher
* Be careful with the so called cheap companies, which ultimately could become expensive because of the low quality of their work
* Do not forget to inform about the heat transfer coefficient of the house
* Study the quality of construction page