Mexi Homes offer special and professional design, which provide report about the resistance against wind, snow, earthquake.


Light steel frame houses are light weigh this is why the foundation can be smaller. That is why with Mexi Homes you can save money from the beginning of the project.

The steel structure consists of double galvanized steel profiles with at least 1.5mm thickness and 140 mm width. The thickness and width used by Mexi Homes provides better insulation, better resistance and a higher stability. Mexi Homes choose to use Vidiwall, which has high degree of fire and water resistance. Your walls will be perfectly straight and in the corners you will have perfect angles.

For the exterior insulation we recommend polystyrene plates fixed on vidiwall mentioned above, these plates can be fixed with any kind of adhesive used in construction industry, not as in case of OSB for example, which requieres special and expensive adhesive. For roof we suggests Novatik which is superior quality in sound insulation than any other type of tile, high resistance to wind, snow, fire, earthquake, and has a 30 years warranty.

Because we offer steel structures of 140 mm width, it is possible to achieve a much better interior insulation without creating thermal bridges or heat loss! Interior insulation can be achieved with rockwool (100mm) or foam.

As stated above, because we offer steel structures 140 mm, with an insulation of 100 mm mineral wool, remains plenty of space for wires and plumbing pipes, keeping the insulation intact. Due to the use vidiwall plate that is resistant to fire, the cables in flexible, using metal tube for wires is no longer necessary.

For the interior we recommend to install a vapor film and two layers of drywall, followed by interior finishes according to the customer's tastes. As you have noticed we've given above some of the most important benefits of Mexi Homes and if we did not convince you yet, do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal!