Frecventy Asked Questions

1. Steel frame houses should be cheaper than traditional houses, still the price doesn’t seem much cheaper. How come?
Steel frame houses are, on average, cheaper by 10-15%, this difference comes from the speed of execution and quality of works. The estimated execution period is about 3 months, this because the walls of the house are prefabricated and assembled in the factory, this gives the execution’s speed.

2. These steel houses could have problems with rodents?
Mexi steel houses are built from high quality materials, certified by multinational manufacturers (ex. Knauf Plasterboard), which by the certificates of conformity and technical approvals confirm that these materials are not approved by rodents.

3. What is a life span of a steel house?
As in any home, a steel house depends on commissioning work and materials which were used. Profiles made of galvanized materials have in saline ambient a lifespan of over 70 years and in dry condition (climate) over 150 years. A steel structure house has not only long life but also offers a resistance in time.

4. Beacuse of the metals and electric cables could exist between them electrostatic field?
This construction system is used for decades, building skyscrapers, shopping centers and industrial production halls. If there were any electrostatic risk, these buildings could not have been allowed constructed worldwide.

5. The steel homes are assessed by banks?
Based on peer reviews, these constructions meet constructions standards and regulations ; steel homes are evaluated like any other building.

6. Will a steel frame home look different to other homes?
The exterior walls of the house are covered with special tiles, vidiwall, over it could be installed insulating system, clinker brick or other decorative elements. The final aspect of the house is no different than a classical structure.

7. Are the steel frame homes fire resistant?
Yes, they are resistant because of the profiles which are coated, on both sides, with materials with a high fire resistance properties. Besides, the insulation layer inside the wall has also a high degree of fire resistance.