Heat transfer and sound insulation comparison

As you will see in the table below Mexi Homes are more reliable than other traditional houses in terms of the insulation.

Heating costs comparison / systems

* Savings could increase in case of the passive houses, that is sometimes the savings can increase by 100%.
* The data in the table above are calculated for houses with similar construction costs, that is Mexi home instead of a brick house (with 10c polystyrene). We choose to publish percentage instead of the costs, because the materials’ costs vary from country to country

* Given to the specifications below, Mexi houses in cold season can bring to a 100 sq.m. house savings between 25 - 40 % / month

Internal area 100 sq.m.
Windows = 20% of the walls area
To estimate the costs it took into account the ideal conditions for construction and the ideal type of insulation.
It took into account the 23 Celsius degree indoor and -5 Celsius degree outdoor temperature.
Prices are only indicative and may vary from case to case (windows, field of use).
The amount of the electric heating must divide to 6 in case of using a water - water heat pump.
The amount of the electric heating must divide to 4 in case of using a soil - water heat pump.