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What Does Turnkey House Price Mean?

The term turnkey is originated from the idea of a homeowner turning the key to the front door and moving into their completed house. This also means the total cost of the entire house, completely finished and ready to move in.

Since a turnkey house price refers to turning the key and moving into a fully completed and finished house, the turnkey price for a house covers all the materials and labor required to complete the design and construction of the new house. Also, this price includes everything from the excavation to the lighting fixtures. However, keep in mind that the turnkey house price may vary depending on the location, and the complexity of the building area. Building sites and site condition may alter the turnkey price for the house, and this is why turnkey prices do not include the land cost and necessary building site improvements such as tree removals, roads, septic or utility lines.

When you decide to choose a cheap house design or turnkey houses, you need to require an estimate of the whole cost at the very beginning of the design process, in order to ensure that the future cheap turnkey house will have the price you are willing to spend. It is important to stay within the budget, therefore, if you encounter problems with the turnkey price of the house, you should ask for advice to your home consultant and designer in order to modify the design factors that affect your home’s turnkey cost.

If you want to choose cheap residential buildings or specific house models, then you need to take into consideration certain factors that may alter the turnkey price of the respective house. Some of these factors include the home size, the architectural complexity, building materials, level of interior finishes and building site location and conditions.

It is obvious that the home size is the most important factor in determining the future turnkey house model. The size of the log, timber or steel will affect most factors that go into design and construction process. Here, it is important to assess your family’s needs including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the space of the kitchen and the living, the number of levels you want and so forth.

The architectural complexity of all those cheap house designs includes a number of exterior corners, the number of roof lines and angles, the number and size of windows and doors, and in the last part, the design and architectural particularities. The amount of options you choose may increase the time to build your home while raising the cost of the construction.

In the last part, the overall cost of the turnkey house price is determined also by the building materials you choose to use in your home. For example, the greater the complexity of your log or timber home, the greater the material, the time and the cost it will take to construct your home design. Cheap houses designs rely on cheap materials involving different species of wood, the composition of the stone and the roofing materials. The finishes you choose to use will have a dramatic impact on the overall turnkey cost of your future home because of the costs of these materials can vary largely depending on the type, style and quality you prefer.